File sharing services in Linux Server

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File sharing services in Linux Server by Mind Map: File sharing services in Linux Server

1. from a personal computer (PC),

2. where the server is dedicated to storing files

3. access to files without having to carry around a disk.

4. file servers permit networked computers to carefully share files.

5. Advantages of the Linux File Server

5.1. Strong performance

5.2. Reliability

5.3. Easy to use

6. Network File System

6.1. Standard format of file system in the UNIX

6.2. a way of mounting Linux discs/directories over a network.

6.3. to share out data on a central server

6.4. data accessible from a central location.


7.1. use less disk space because commonly used data can be stored on a single machine

7.2. no need for users to have separate home directories on every network machine.

7.3. Reduce the number of removable media drives throughout the network.

8. What is Samba?

8.1. Samba is a file sharing utility using the CIFS protocol, specifically used at allowing Windows and Linux servers

8.2. enables all files to be stored in a central location,

8.3. used to connect a server and a client if they running different Operating Systems

9. The Common Internet File System (CIFS) is the standard way that computer users share files across corporate intranets and the Internet.

9.1. access to files and databases for desktop/notebook users

10. Samba consists of two key programs, smbd and nmbd. Their job is to implement the four basic modern-day CIFS services: -File and print services -Authentication and Authorization -Name resolution -Service announcement (browsing)