Teaching with Technology

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Teaching with Technology by Mind Map: Teaching with Technology

1. Integrating tech into programs

1.1. Engaging

1.2. Disconnect from pen and paper-refocus

2. Universal Design for Learning

2.1. Target different learning styles

2.2. Can target all abilities/ aid those who struggle to write, hear, focus etc

3. Technology

3.1. Beebots

3.1.1. Teaches coding, algarithms

3.2. Ipads

3.2.1. Creating graphs, maps, edit images

3.2.2. Record students work for parents seesaw

3.2.3. Create posters, reports

3.3. Online research

3.3.1. Learn critical thinking skills

4. Apps

4.1. Class Dojo

4.1.1. Behaviour management

4.2. Go Noodle Brain breaks

5. Cross curricular Opportunities

5.1. Assignments can be presented using different forms of technology

6. Programming

6.1. Complex math problems

6.1.1. algebra

6.1.2. square numbers

7. FUN

7.1. Engaging

7.2. Interesting

7.3. Allows students to access the world from the class room