How to prepare a good speech

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How to prepare a good speech by Mind Map: How to prepare a good speech

1. How to write a speech

1.1. Use rich vocabulary

1.2. Short and meaningful sentences

1.3. Appeal to the audience invinting everyone to hear

1.4. The camouflage strategy of slightly hiding your opinion in order to stay away from the critics right at the start

1.4.1. Irony

1.4.2. Retorical questions

1.4.3. Reversing arguments

1.5. Reinforce your ideas

1.5.1. Repeating expressions and words

2. During the speech

2.1. Facial and body expressions. according to the mood of the speech

2.2. The tone and the rhythm, should make the aundience feel each word

2.2.1. Make pauses to inflict emotion

2.3. Face your aundience

2.4. Glue your eyes to the paper

2.5. Letting an unexpected situation affect your performance

2.6. In case you use comedy don´t laugh with the public

3. Pre-speech

3.1. Pre-writing

3.1.1. Get to know your audience Age Religion Culture

3.1.2. Do a deep research on the matter preparing yourself for possible questions

3.2. Pre-speaking

3.2.1. Repeat several times your speech so that you will say it with flow

3.2.2. Train your breathing