IEA Diploma Project

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IEA Diploma Project by Mind Map: IEA Diploma Project

1. 1:Specification

1.1. Problem: Mr Wong needs a website to display his products in the company, diseases and treatments related to the medical devices need to be oriented

1.1.1. Solution: a website for the company

1.2. Project aim: Create a website for Synapse Therapeutics Limited

1.2.1. Designing website template

1.2.2. Content of website

1.3. Client: Mr. Clinton Wong

1.4. End user: Customers of the company

1.5. Company distributes and services medical devices in HK and Macau: 1) Neurovascular interventions 2) Peripheral vascular interventions 3) Oncology interventions

1.6. Objectives

1.6.1. (see detailed description)

2. 2: Facilities

2.1. Software

2.1.1. Programs Adobe Fireworks used to create website template, vectors, effects Adobe photoshop used to edit photos Adobe Dreamweaver used to create solution (website) Paint Simple/basic image format conversion Document screenshots

2.1.2. Web tools/sites Photo editing Picnik Bookmarking websites Diigo Sharing Google docs Documenting Google sites (blog posts) Surveying Survey Monkey Google form Website creating Joomla Presenting Google presentation Prezi Jogtheweb Brainstorming Mind meister Communicate with client Gmail

2.2. Hardware

2.2.1. Scanner

2.2.2. Computer (laptop) Mouse

2.2.3. Phone

2.2.4. Video recorder

2.2.5. Camera

3. 3: Analysis

3.1. Research

3.1.1. How to make a website Payment necessary for domain websites? Sustainibility risks of sub-domain websites Programs/web tools involved downloaded? online?

3.1.2. What makes a good website User friendly Webpage desgin Google form questionnaire Look at other websites for reference

3.2. Compare project with existing product

3.2.1. (given by client)

3.2.2. similarities

3.2.3. differences

3.2.4. methods used

3.2.5. things to aviod

4. 5: Implementation

4.1. Domain:

4.2. Content

4.2.1. Info about company Company profile Management team

4.2.2. Products Used for what diseases Used in what treatment

4.2.3. News Updates on new products promotion

4.2.4. Contact Address of company Email Phone/fax numbers

5. 6: Testing

5.1. In house testing

5.1.1. Test end product with all objectives listed

5.2. In the field testing

5.2.1. Find out what the users of your product think of it Google form Questionnaire/interviews

5.2.2. What client thinks about end product Interview

5.2.3. Test the functionality of the webpages and make sure your information is correct

5.3. Evidence of commercial used

5.3.1. Prove website is being used by real customers

5.3.2. Video client and show the use of the product in client's company

5.4. Conclusion

5.4.1. Determine whether the website is fit for it's purpose

5.4.2. Use the data from surveys to demonstrate why it is fit for purpose

6. 7: Evaluation

6.1. Document (At least 1 A4 side)

6.1.1. Personal evaluation Performance throughout the project Strengths, weaknesses Items which i would have done differently

6.1.2. Improvements Improvements that could be made Why are they needed How long they would take How they would impact final product

7. 4: Design

7.1. Research on what makes a good design

7.1.1. Questionnaire

7.1.2. Look at other websites, analyse quality

7.2. At least 5 initial hand drawn designs

7.2.1. Scanned

7.2.2. Client feedback

7.3. Final design is done on computer

7.3.1. Quality researched previously is included