What is Technology ?

What is technology ?

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What is Technology ? by Mind Map: What is Technology ?

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4. What I thought technology was...

4.1. Before I took the Cybernation course, technology to me was about the basic things we use such as cellphones, computers, headphones, the radio, cars etc. I use most of these things in my daily life and I believed that because in this generation, aka my generation this is what basic technology is.

5. What I think now ( my Definition ) ?

5.1. After watching the videos about what technology is, I realized that technology can vary among many things.For example, In the video " The history of technology in Education"it shows many examples of what humans used for learning. They started from using resources from the earth, to creating paper, using blackboards with chalk and to now using smart boards and electronic devices in the classroom ( SmartEDU, 2011). Reading the module has also taught me that the term technology can be described In many ways from different historians or from people in many generations back then. It showed me that humans used different things in their modern time to help them survive or get new information. Scatzberg states"issues that historians now discuss in terms of technology were framed in such terms as useful arts, manufacturing, industry, invention, applied science, and the machine" ( Scatzberg, 2006, pg.486)

5.2. Furthermore, I have boarded my horizons when it comes to technology, Technology isn't only known to be a type of electronic device. Technology can be used in arts, writing on paper for communication, machines and many more. Technology can also be defined in many different ways to other people in different professions.

6. Supporting Ideas

6.1. Technology has been around for many years and it has helped people in many different ways. I watched the Apple Christmas commercial and it showed how their iPad can bring families together. In the youtube video a woman and her daughter visits her father/ her daughters grandfather and they use an iPad to create a short movie slide in the memory of their grandma and it brung everyone together as a family, it brought them to tears and then there was cheerful joy at the end. (Just Awesome commercials, 2019). Furthermore, this commercial shows that family can come together with technology by creating memories and it can bring out the emotional side out of families.

6.2. Technology can be simplified and defined as the human brain. Many years ago human beings had to communicate to get things done and use their own bodily forces to provide for themselves. Secondly, before we had scientific calculators or cellphones to do quick math calculations humans had use their brain to come up with the correct answer, they also had other alternatives such as counting on your fingers or writing down tally charts to come up with the correct number but all and all humans used their brains to come up with the correct number answer. Thirdly, scientist used their brains to come up with theories then test it out to see if their theory worked and if it doesn't they must use their brain again to come up with other ideas to to come up with their invention. To show evidence that will support my idea, the author states, "To go beyond simplistic intuitions about technology requires investigation of the human mind" ( (Isman, 2012, 208) All and all before advanced technology came into the picture the human brain was used at all times to come up with ideas or to do simple math.

6.2.1. Lastly, as stated before technology is defined in many different ways and it should not only boxed into modern day devices. As also stated before technology can also be defined in different jobs/ professions. Reading the article " What is technology" has taught me that to many people working in different professions define technology in different ways, the author gives many great examples as to what technology may mean to engineers, scientists etc. The author states, "To a scientist, technology is the end product of one's research; to an engineer, it is a tool or process that can be employed to build better products or solve technical problems; to an attorney" ( Li-Hua, para, 2, 2007). The article also talks about how people use technology to come up with strategic ideas to profit off of in differrent areas of the world. Li-Hua states, " It is regarded as a strategic instrument in achieving economic targets and creating wealth and prosperity in developing countries, as well as an important vehicle to make larger profits in developed countries." ( Li-Hua, para 2, 2007). All and all technology is not also not limited to only scientists, computer engineers or network programmers, technology can be explained in other professions and technology can be helpful in the economy system and to help companies/ employers build new things and come up with ideas to profit in different countries.

7. Final Words ( conclusion)

7.1. Looking at the different meanings through articles and videos have taught me what technology means. Technology ranges from what it means in education and how it started, what it means in different professions/ the business world and also looking at the emotional stand point of technology and how it brings families/ friends together. I was ignorant to think that technology is only limited to modern day devices because I use them on a daily basis. Now that I did research, I know now that technology has unlimitless definitions to it and it should not be boxed in into one category only. To conclude my final thoughts on the definition of what technology is that there is no actual real meaning to it because it can mean many things to many different people. Technology isn't limited to computers, phones or new fancy cars, as I stated in my paragraph before Technology has unlimitless. meanings to it.

8. Creative Paragraph

8.1. What is technology

8.1.1. I created this poster to be apart of my creative paragraph because I thought it would be interesting to create a visual and show different types of definitions on the poster with animations and short sentences with it. It has some funny animations to it, to make it a little humorous but also add some useful information. ( click on the poster to see the final design).

9. References

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