Environmental Science: Chapter 2

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Environmental Science: Chapter 2 by Mind Map: Environmental Science: Chapter 2

1. Control Group

1.1. A group that is tested in an experiment that serves the standard of comparison with another group to which the control group is identical, except for one factor.

2. Experiment

2.1. A procedure designed to test a hypothesis under controlled conditions.

3. Experimental Group

3.1. A group that is tested in an experiment and is identical to the control group, except for one factor, and is later compared to the control group.

4. Prediction

4.1. A logical statement about what will happen if the hypothesis is supported.

5. Data

5.1. Information gathered by a scientist during an experiment, often in numeric form.

6. Observation

6.1. A piece of information that we gather using our senses and tools to extend our senses.

7. Conclusions

7.1. A judgement or decision that is reached at the end of research.

8. Hypothesis

8.1. A testable idea or explanation that leads to a scientific investigation.