Literacy in my life

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Literacy in my life by Mind Map: Literacy in my life

1. Listening to

1.1. Podcasts

1.1.1. Informative Real life happenings Inspiring Insightful Awareness Understanding Conversations Interviews

1.1.2. Comedic Funny Pleasurable

1.1.3. Oral language Interpreting Vocals Pace Absorbing Verbal English Discussion Discourse Debate

1.2. Music

1.2.1. Emotional Elevative Relaxing Calming Meditative Mindful

1.2.2. Songs Composed Lyrics Unpacking meanings

1.3. Ears

1.3.1. Listening Comprehending Oral language

1.3.2. Focused Recalling Linking

1.3.3. Processing Understanding

1.3.4. Audio Dialogue

2. Reading

2.1. Everyday Reading

2.1.1. Eyes Focused

2.1.2. Purposeful Pleasure Relaxation

2.1.3. Written language Alert Memory Recalling Vocabulary Widening Benefiting Comprehension Linguistics

2.1.4. Novels Pleasurable Relaxing Freeing

2.1.5. Students work Framework Interpretation Analyse Enabling Text Questioning

2.1.6. University textbooks Challenging Engaging Motivating Studying Text

3. Speaking

3.1. Oral language

3.1.1. English Fluent 26 letters Thousands of words Vocabulary Sentences Alphabet Verbal Oral language Interpreting Expression Dialect Unpacking meanings Grammar

3.1.2. Languages Other Than English Geographical Social Cultural

3.1.3. Spoken

3.2. My first language

3.2.1. Primary language spoken by me

3.2.2. Colonisation

3.2.3. Dialect

3.2.4. Speech

4. Visually

4.1. Drawings

4.1.1. Artists message Meanings Perception Interpretation Expression Emotion Visual communication

4.2. Photographs

4.2.1. Representation Visual representation

4.2.2. Social media Digital technologies Social identity Feedback Vulnerability

4.2.3. Emotion

4.2.4. Documentation

4.2.5. Graphics

4.3. Signs

4.3.1. Instructional Preventative Informative

4.3.2. Sign language Auslan Deafness Alphabet Interpreters Social responsibility Inclusiveness

4.4. Gestural

4.4.1. Body language and movement Hand gestures Hiding or open

4.4.2. Facial expression Eyes

4.4.3. Angles

5. Digitally

5.1. Social media

5.1.1. Visuals Interpreting Deciphering Videos Subtitles Oral language Viewing Images Edited Prefectionism Bracketed Unreal

5.1.2. Texts Written language

5.2. University

5.2.1. Studying online Organisation

5.2.2. Online tutorials Comprehension

5.2.3. Assessment Research Referencing Information Reading Comprehending Editing Discourse

5.2.4. Education Becoming More informed Professional Aware Understanding Widening perspectives

5.3. Digital Technologies

5.3.1. Coding 21st Century literacy

5.3.2. Robotics Creative Understanding Digital literacy

5.3.3. Computer based