Resource Management for the Environment

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Resource Management for the Environment by Mind Map: Resource Management for the Environment

1. Renewable energy

1.1. Solar Energy

1.1.1. Tracking Solar Panel

1.2. Wind Energy

1.2.1. Tracking wind direction

2. Automatic farming

2.1. Uses different sensors

2.1.1. Sense oxygen level

2.1.2. Sense Light levels

2.1.3. Sense humidity levels

2.1.4. Sense pollution (AQI)

2.2. Water plants at regular intervals

2.3. Mini greenhouse

3. Method of saving energy

3.1. Knowing when devices are in use

3.1.1. Turn off/on lights depending on who is in room

3.1.2. Turn off/on ac and other electronic appliance

4. More efficient method of harvesting energy

4.1. Tracking Solar Panel

4.1.1. Tracks movement of sun and tilts the solar panel to maximize energy harvested Light sensors Servos to tilt the direction of the solar panels to face the sun Solar panels

4.2. Wind Energy

4.3. Hydro Energy

5. Design Specification: to use sustainable materials

5.1. Recyclable

5.1.1. Bamboo

5.1.2. Wood

5.1.3. Certain plastics PP plastics HDPE plastics LDPE plastics

5.2. From an ethical source

5.2.1. Wood sourced from farm and not from illegal farm

5.3. Reusable

5.3.1. Reuse arduino modules

6. Pest control

6.1. Mosquito

6.1.1. Malaria Effect low - middle income families

6.1.2. Dengue

6.2. Control pests by killing pest

6.2.1. Emit smell

6.2.2. Bright light

6.2.3. Mosquito trap