How to make a good speech

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How to make a good speech by Mind Map: How to make a good speech

1. Simple and objective phrases

1.1. You should use the 1st person;

1.2. You should use rich vocabulary;

1.3. Try to captivate the listeners.

2. Rhythm

2.1. Try to be calm so that people can understand you well;

2.2. Use the required tone of voice depending on the impact you want to have.

3. Expressive Resources

3.1. Use repetition to enfatize your point of view;

3.2. Try to use retorical questions;

3.3. Be ironic, but with limits;

3.4. Use sentences that have a second meaning.

4. Helpful Tips:

4.1. Be emotional;

4.2. Reversing arguments;

4.3. Strategy.