The Cœur Théâtral

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The Cœur Théâtral by Mind Map: The Cœur Théâtral

1. Problems solved by seatadvisor:

1.1. The problems with the current system are:

1.2. Double-booking issues

1.2.1. Sophisticated database management This can help because the sophisticate database can prevents this from happening due the relationships in the database which can them out and remove any double booking.

1.3. The lack of integration of the various ways of recording and processing the data which is currently performed using a mixture of spreadsheet, database, desktop publishing and word processing software.

1.3.1. A complete Internet-based ticketing solution including box office, telephone and Internet ticket sales, subscriptions, web presence and marketing. Works from an Oracle database with unified inventory across all channels.Sophisticated database management

1.4. The lack of detailed analysis of the ticket sales and income.

1.4.1. Patron preference tracking for marketing Detailed sales and financial reporting The two solutions can solve this problem because analyses the ticket sales and income, and the marketing can affect the sales and income.

2. Problems unsolved by seatadvisor:

2.1. Payment problems with the processing of credit cards and cash, providing receipts

2.1.1. This can't solved by Seatadvisor since they don't reference any solutions involving this problem, but it could be solved by buying new equipment, such as receipts printers and magnetic strip readers

2.2. Most of the ticket and membership information is manually processed.

2.2.1. This can be solved by making a new table including membership , that enables the database to manage the membership it self

3. Current IT system

3.1. The details of all members are kept on a flat file database

3.2. The details of all telephone bookings are recorded in a spreadsheet

3.3. Only payment by credit card is available for telephone bookings.

3.4. Cash sales at the door do not get a receipt and are recorded in a special folder.

3.5. Details of all ticket purchases are sent to the accountant in order to check that the amount deposited in the bank matches the tickets purchased.