Reading in Elementary - Project Organization

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Reading in Elementary - Project Organization by Mind Map: Reading in Elementary - Project Organization

1. Developing Reading Skills

1.1. Phonics Skills - sounding out words and recognize sight words A useful website with free phonics games for kids:

1.2. Develop Reading Fluency - understand abbreviations, use phonics knowledge to sound out words, recognize common suffixes/ prefixes

1.3. Grammar Skills - understand possessives and contractions, know proper comma usage and sentence structure. Teaching Grammar: 3 Tips to Teach Grammar in Elementary School - Studentreasures Blog

2. Reading Concepts You Need to Know

2.1. Common Literature Vocabulary - author, illustrator, genre, plot, setting

2.2. Genre Knowledge - understand and categorize the genres of certain books

2.3. Plot understanding - be able to summarize a story, predict what will happen, and answer questions about text

3. Choosing a Good Book

3.1. Authors - gain a better knowledge of common children's authors and their books

3.2. Exploring Genres - find a type of story that interests you The 100 Best Children's Books of All Time