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Bug List by Mind Map: Bug List

1. Scam Calls

1.1. Robo calls and texts

1.1.1. Happen all the time

1.2. Scam/spam emails

2. Mobile phones

2.1. Notifications

2.1.1. The bells and tweet sounds

2.2. App spam

2.3. Forgetting to silence phone for class

2.3.1. Ringer and message tones

2.4. Keyboard clicks for on screen keyboards

2.4.1. Haptic noises

3. The rain

3.1. Slippery surfaces

3.2. Everything gets wet

3.2.1. Having to dry stuff

3.3. Have to prepare

4. Slow computers

4.1. The computers in the library

4.2. Slow internet

4.2.1. The internet not working because of COD update

5. Inattentive people

5.1. People only looking at there phone 24/7

5.2. AirPods sometimes

5.3. People who can’t follow simple direction

5.3.1. Usually due to not paying enough attention to hear direction

6. Lack of team bonding on crew team

6.1. Partially own fault

6.2. Team has become to clicky

7. The government

7.1. The electoral college

7.2. The law

7.2.1. Sometimes law enforcement, the way it’s enforced

7.2.2. US state and federal laws, mostly federal

7.3. Our system needs overhaul

7.3.1. Two party system

8. Global warming

8.1. Not being acted on

8.1.1. Governments

8.2. Still being denied

8.2.1. Flat earthers