Organization life cycle

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Organization life cycle by Mind Map: Organization life cycle

1. Definition

1.1. The organizational life cycle is based on a sequence of changes in the company that occur from its introduction to death.

2. Theories

2.1. The organizational life cycle is full of exceptions because in each phase, both more optimistic and more pessimistic scenarios than the model version of the life cycle are possible

2.2. Most important phrases

2.2.1. initiation and innovation

2.2.2. Growth

2.2.3. stabilization

2.2.4. Value Decline

2.2.5. Degradation

2.3. Greiner's

2.3.1. 5 Crisises Crisis of leadership Crisis of autonomy Crisis of control Crisis of bureaucracy Crisis of trust

2.3.2. In order for organisations to develop they have to go under series of Crises at each growth stage.

2.4. Levitt's

2.4.1. 5 Stages Product development Introduction to the market Growth Maturity Decline or stabilization

2.5. Vernon's

2.5.1. 4 Stages Introduction of the product in the market Growth Maturity Decline

3. Industry life cycle

3.1. Michael Gort and Steven Klepper

3.1.1. 5 Stages Inactivity Reactivation High turnover Reduction Stabilization