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Our Diabetes Support by Mind Map: Our Diabetes Support

1. Recipes

1.1. Gnom Gnom

1.2. Carolyn Ketchum

1.2.1. Ketogenic Kitchen Book on Amazon is good

1.3. Wholesome Yum

1.4. Low Carb Yum

1.5. Diet Doctor

1.6. A Sweet Life.org

2. Ped Endocrinologist

2.1. Good for giving us Rx's for Insulin, Supplies, and Labs, and looking out for complications. Not very helpful for Insulin/Diet management and life strategies, and also will not be your child's doctor after they turn 18 (which is a little scary since they will not likely develop complications as a child and doctor will not likely see the results of their guidance)

3. Inflammation Management and Preserving Beta Cells

3.1. Expert

3.1.1. Sonia Chritton

3.1.2. Dr Ricordi Studiying High Dose Vitamin D and Fish Oil to preserve beta cell function

3.2. Home - PreventT1D.org

4. References

4.1. New Parent of Child with T1D Support Group

4.1.1. Created by the founders and most active in TypeOneGrit

4.1.2. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1707000802775043/


4.2.1. Answers for life with T1 or caring for someone with T1

4.2.2. Recipes

4.2.3. Experts RD Dikeman typeonegrit FB group Bethany Reynolds Letmebe83.org cost of carbs documentary Lester Hightower Suggested Low-Carb Diabetes Management Media

4.2.4. Friends Danny and Nicky Vasquez

4.3. Books

4.3.1. Diabetes Solution Dr Bernstein

4.3.2. Wish list: "Using Insulin"

4.4. Youtube Channel

4.4.1. Dr Bernstiens Diabetes University and Weekly webinars.

4.4.2. Dr Berg on Keto

5. Food

5.1. Sources

5.1.1. Amazon Fresh and Prime

5.1.2. Perimeter of Grocery Stores

5.1.3. Walmart and Costco have some good things too.

5.2. Fast Food Goto's

5.2.1. Five Guys with lettuce wrapped burgers or BYOBuns and Sugar Free Heinz Ketchup Peanuts

5.2.2. Chipotle Salad Bowls

5.2.3. Blaze Pizza Keto Crusts Taste of crust is not great..

5.2.4. Breakfast Diners All with eggs, omelettes and Bacon

5.3. Restaurants

5.3.1. Any with Proteins and Vegetables wings fish chicken steak

5.4. New Baking Ingredients

5.4.1. Almond Flour

5.4.2. LOTS of Eggs

5.4.3. Flax Seed

5.4.4. Shredded Mozzerella

5.4.5. Psyllium Husk

5.4.6. Heavy Cream

5.4.7. Almond Milk

5.4.8. Sweeteners Stevia drops and pure powder Stevia and Eriythritol Blends

5.5. Tips

5.5.1. When first starting out with low carb diet, make sure you are getting enough salt in diet, and be intentional about adding salt to meals. This helps with early fatigue when first starting diet (sometimes called Keto Flu

5.5.2. Once you start increasing Protein's in Meals, be sure to start experimenting with R insulin as it more closely matches the liver glucose release curve ifrom breaking down proteins

5.5.3. Look out for Maltodextrin, Malitol, Dextrose, Fructose in foods - All considered by some to be sugar free, but all will spike blood sugars

6. Supplies

6.1. Dexcom

6.1.1. Solara Medical

6.2. R Insulin

6.2.1. Walmart $25 for a vile

6.3. Triseba, Novolog, Syringes

6.3.1. Walgreens

6.4. Accurate Meter

6.4.1. Contour Nextone

6.4.2. Others like Onedrop

7. Results

7.1. A1C 4.9 Std Dev 20

7.2. Happy Healthy 11 yo and with no dangerous lows over 1.5 years, and no extra trips to hospital since Dx.

8. Exercise

8.1. Lots of it!

8.1.1. Increases Insulin Sensitivity