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Crane by Mind Map: Crane

1. Form

1.1. What kind of structure will the crane be?

1.2. What does the structure use to throw the ball?

1.3. How long will the string be?

1.3.1. What material should the string be made out of?

1.4. How wide am I going to make the structure?

1.4.1. How tall am I going to make the structure?

1.5. Where should I put the pulley at?

1.5.1. What am I going to make the pulley out of?

1.6. What will the conterbalance be?

1.6.1. Where should I put the counterbalance?

1.6.2. How heavy should the counterbalance be?

1.7. Where would I place the hook of the string?

2. Forces

2.1. What internal forces will affect the structure?

2.1.1. How do I prevent tension?

2.1.2. How can I prevent compression?

2.1.3. How can I prevent torsion?

2.1.4. How can I prevent shear?

2.2. What loads will apply on the structure?

2.2.1. Can the dead load make the structure lose balance?

2.2.2. Can the structure support the dynamic load?

2.3. What structural components should I include in the structure?

2.3.1. What will be the material of my structural components?

2.4. What external forces can apply to the structure?

2.4.1. Can external forces make the structural components break?

3. Stability

3.1. Does the structure have a wide base?

3.2. Does the structure have a low center of gravity?

3.2.1. Where is the structure's Center of Gravity?

3.3. Can the structure be knocked over easily?

3.4. Can the structure support its own weight?

3.5. Does the structure have a good balance at its sides?

3.6. Can the structure support the weight of the counterweight?

3.6.1. Is the counterweight balanced to the live load and dynamic loads?

3.7. Will the structure's string break?

3.7.1. If the string breaks, will the weight it's carrying fall onto the helipad?

3.8. Will the whole top part collapse onto the bottom part?

3.9. Will the pulley fall off?