Input/Output Devices

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Devices by Mind Map: Devices

1. Camera - Input Device

1.1. Instant pictures

1.2. Able to transfer easily to transfer

1.3. Affordable since there are so many versions of s digital camera

1.4. Some classroom lack computers to able to transfer

2. Headphones- Input Device

2.1. Great for students to listen w/o bothering others

2.2. Hands free to take notes

2.3. Good quality can be expensive

3. Keyboard-Output Device

3.1. Wireless-You can type from anywhere

3.2. Not all computer are equipped to take wireless keyboards

3.3. Corded keyboards- hard to move around because cords could be short or too long

3.4. Hard to organize if there is limited space

4. Webcam - Input Device

4.1. Not being able to use restricted sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Youtube

4.2. Skype- Teach but long distance, you can have long distance field trips and guest speakers

5. Monitor-Output Device

5.1. Good for displaying tutorial training materials for students

5.2. Great source for Educators/Students to be able to use different software

5.3. Hard to have maintain and update with new software all the time

6. Projector - Output Device

6.1. Expensive to have in classrooms

6.2. Not all Educators know how to use

6.3. Great for presentations

7. CD/DVD - Output or Input Devices

7.1. Alternative way to save your work

7.2. Not all teachers are equipped with a computer to be able to use CD/DVD's node

7.3. Expensive

8. Microphone-Input Device

8.1. Great for sound recording

8.2. Not all classrooms are equipped with speakers

8.3. Great for lectures in big classroom

9. Printer - Output Device

9.1. Instant small print jobs

9.2. Waste - Printing things that are not needed

9.3. Expensive w/ink cartridges

9.4. Not made for big print jobs