History for the Present

Key Elements to 2nd Grade Social Studies

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History for the Present by Mind Map: History for the Present

1. The map represents the lens of which we understand scope- what's happening on a large and small scale

2. History

2.1. compare and contrast

2.1.1. what has changed/what hasn't over time?

2.2. continuity and change

2.2.1. why change occurs

3. Geography

3.1. personal community to understand

3.1.1. our community as examples

3.2. maps and globes

3.2.1. "where in the world is..."

3.3. relationships

3.3.1. people can interact, so can communities!

4. Economics

4.1. resources, specialization

4.1.1. What are places/people known for?

4.2. supply and demand

4.2.1. When everyone wants the same thing

5. Civics and Government

5.1. laws

5.1.1. teach origination of specific laws

5.2. civilian responsibility

5.2.1. voting

6. Media tools

7. All four main topics are relevant and connected in their own ways and may be taught in conjunction with each other, though the chronology does not have an effect