DDoS attack Census 2021

DDoS scenario

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DDoS attack Census 2021 by Mind Map: DDoS attack Census 2021

1. 1. Using a Smurf Malware

1.1. The standard ping attack send an echo request to a server and then awaits response. This can initiate a session and can cause a server to allocate resources

1.2. Smurf is similar that it creates a flood of pings but rather than pinging the server directly it pings a large number of other devices and spoof the "return" address as the target server.

2. 2. Acquire Smurf CCS on darkweb

2.1. Time/skill does not allow us to develop a suitable virus but a smurf virus and Command & Control Server can be purchased on the darkweb for about $200 USD

2.2. Configure the CCS for the desired target - Census

3. 3. Fake Emails, Phishing, Websites, FB pages and Click Bait for distribution

3.1. Create a number of fake websites, Facebook pages with click bait articles to be used to attract unsuspecting visitors to distribute Smurf

3.2. Purchase targeted maillist, e.g. CommBank Customers to send target email "Your CommBank Loan" etc to encourage opening of infected attachments

4. 4. Press the Big Button

4.1. When ready to target the Census Servers enable the attack on the CCS server. The virus will check in at interval and then initiate the attack