The Great Depression Explained

A summary of the Great Depression

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The Great Depression Explained by Mind Map: The Great Depression Explained

1. The New Deal

1.1. It was implemented by President Roosevelt and completely changed how the government would function.

1.2. It led to many new federal programs and agencies, such as the Civil Works Administration and Civilian Conservation Corps.

1.3. This video explains just what the New Deal was and gives context to each of the new policies it was enforcing

2. 1932 Election

2.1. One in every four Americans was unemployed at the time.

2.2. Ultimately, it was Franklin Delano Roosevelt who won the election.

2.3. This video outlines all the key events that took place during the election of 1932

3. The Crash

3.1. Investors losing confidence leads to stock market to crash.

3.2. The crash led to panic selling, which formed a false sense of security.

3.3. This graph conveys exactly how hard the crash of 1929 hurt the stock market