Robinson, Brittani The Great Gatsby

Mind map of the plot, settings, characters, symbols, and themes in "The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

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Robinson, Brittani The Great Gatsby by Mind Map: Robinson, Brittani The Great Gatsby

1. Characterization

2. Plot

2.1. Chapter One

2.1.1. Introduces Nick Carraway, Daisy Buchanan, Tom Buchanan, Jordan Baker, Jay Gatsby, and mentions Tom has a witness but no name.

2.1.2. Nick goes to the Buchanan's home

2.2. Chapter Two:

2.3. Chapter Three:

2.4. Chapter Four:

2.5. Chapter Five:

2.6. Chapter Six:

2.7. Chapter Seven:

2.8. Chapter Eight:

2.9. Chapter Nine:

3. Characters

3.1. George Wilson

3.2. Myrtle Wilson

3.3. Tom Buchanan

3.4. Daisy Buchanan

3.5. Jordan Baker

3.6. Nick Carraway

3.7. Jay Gatsby

3.8. Meyer Wolfsheim

3.9. The Gardener

3.10. Owl-eyed man

3.11. Klipspringer

3.12. Pammy Buchanan

4. Themes

4.1. Greed

4.2. Power

4.3. Love and Hate

4.4. American Dream

5. Setting

5.1. The Plaza Hotel

5.1.1. In chapter 7 at this hotel, Tom, Daisy, and Gatsby have their big fight. Tom and Jordan are there as well but mainly off to the side and observing.

5.2. East Egg

5.2.1. Everyone just cares about money and the things they own. They act entitled and have refined manners; however, their money is usually made illegally.

5.3. Downtown

5.4. Nick's Home

5.5. Gatsby's Home

5.6. Tom's Apartment

5.7. The Buchanan's Home

5.8. Wilson's Home

5.9. The Valley of Ashes

5.9.1. Everyone here is poor and make their money by farming or through small businesses like George Wilson's gas station. This place is described with melancholic imagery.

5.10. West Egg

5.10.1. Everyone tends to make their money through commerce legally. They are wealthy but through different ways than people who reside in East Egg.

6. Symbolism

6.1. Myrtle's Name

6.2. The Green Light

6.3. The books in Gatsby's library

6.4. Daisy's Name

7. \-----