Branchial Cleft Cyst

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Branchial Cleft Cyst by Mind Map: Branchial Cleft Cyst

1. 1st Branchial Cleft Anomalies

1.1. < 1% of branchial anomalies

1.2. usually face or aurical

1.3. type 1 or type 2

2. Type 1 first Branchial Cleft Anomaly

2.1. duplication anomaly of external canal

2.2. ectodermal derived tissues

2.3. may pass into parotid gland& close to facial n.

3. Type 2 First Branchial Cleft anomaly

3.1. ectodermal & mesodermal derived tissue

3.2. below angle of mandible. pass thru parotid g. close prox to facial n.

3.3. end either inferior to or into external auditory canal @ bone cartilage junction

4. 2nd Branchial Cleft Anomalies

4.1. most common of the 3 types

4.2. discrete round mass

4.3. below mandible angle @ SCM border

4.4. potential tract->associated sinus->deep to 2nd arch & superficial to 3rd arch derivatives opening in tonsillar fossa

5. failure of pharyngobrachial tissues to obliterate during fetal growth

6. present in late childhood/early adulthood

7. classified as 1st,2nd, or 3rd

8. tender, inflammatory mass

9. located @ SCM border

10. 3rd Branchial Cleft anomalies

10.1. anterior to SCM & lower in neck than 1st & 2nd

10.2. located deep to 3rd arch derivatives & superficial to 4th arch derivatives.

10.3. Ends in pharynx @ thyroid membrane or pyriformus sinus

11. Treatment of BCC

11.1. control infection!

11.2. Surgical excision of cyst & tract

11.3. I&D should be avoided/may be necessary for acute abscess tx

11.4. needle aspiration & decompression beneficial to prevent I&D