sebuah riset pemikiran tentang pertemuan antara pelaku usaha dan investor yang ingin saling bekerja sama.

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TemuSaha by Mind Map: TemuSaha

1. Can i sell this product to this market?

1.1. Others brand

1.2. Segmentation of target

2. is this a good move to invest with them?

3. Investor

3.1. Main concern

3.1.1. How good is the product? Good team? Good price? Long lasting product? is it different or really good ?

3.1.2. Plan for the future Is the UKM have vision? is the UKM could make the product better than before?

4. UKM

4.1. Main concern

4.1.1. don't have any starting point don't have money don't have a good team need guidance from the expert

4.1.2. plan for the future

4.1.3. money, money, money can i feed my family with this deal? can i get some of the money for invest too?

5. for Investor

5.1. Report

5.1.1. Which UKM best perform Profit/Loss Growth

6. for UKM

6.1. Report

6.1.1. Which Investor best perform