Child Development Theory Piaget

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Child Development Theory Piaget by Mind Map: Child Development Theory Piaget

1. Sensorimotor stage

1.1. According to Jean Piaget in this stage, children learn the world around them through the uses of their senses, and their motor abilities. This will occur during the ages of birth to 2 years of age.(Roblyer & Huges, 2019,p. 47)

1.2. Environment

1.3. Home

1.4. Early Learning facilities

1.5. Object permanence is developed and this the ability to know that an object still exist

1.6. Ego Centrism is when the child only sees the world from their point of view.

2. Preoperational stage

2.1. From 2 to 7 years of age children who enter into this stage will be able to communicate through the use of verbalizing information. Children will also have the ability to engage in symbolic activities, for example creating through the use of art, and imagination. Children in this stage will also develop self-control, or delayed gratification.(Roblyer & Huges, 2019,p.47)

2.2. Words, Symbols, Actions

3. Concrete operational stage

3.1. According to Piaget children in this stage will now have developed the ability to reason, and understand conservation. This will occur during the ages of 7 and 11.(Roblyer & Huges, 2019,p.47)

4. Formal operational stage

4.1. In this finale stage children will now be able to organize information, understand scientifically concepts, and hypotheses. Children will also be able to use symbolic information to create abstract thinking. This will occur during the ages of 12 to 15 (Roblyer & Huges, 2019, p.47)