Urban Nature Involves

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Urban Nature Involves by Mind Map: Urban Nature Involves

1. Watersheds

1.1. Weather Systems

1.1.1. Non typical, sustainable and unsustainable food systems. (squirrels relying on tourists for snacks, raccoons/rats eating garbage, humans relying solely on outsourced foods) *urban ag uprising

2. Condensed interactions between different species (less sprawl)

2.1. More creative infrastructure planning/inspiration

2.2. Flora, Fauna & People

2.3. Non-Typical Habitats (from nest in tree to building gargoyle)

2.3.1. Adaptability from all species (habitats: humans living in 200 sq apts, single trees planted in concrete sidewalks)

2.3.2. Unnecessary Death (birds hitting windows)

2.3.3. Destruction of natural habitats (luxury apts replacing urban garden lots or wetland regions) Human-Wildlife Conflict (case study: ppl in the Bronx fears about re-emerging coyote population) Less large predator species Pollution (air pollution causing asthma to humans and PCBs in rivers causing fish to die or unable to reproduce)

2.4. Designated green/blue spaces

2.5. Travel paths (commuter traffic to bird migration)

3. Less appreciation/noticing nature and natural interactions (seeing rats in subway "aw" for some, "ew" for others)

4. Introduction of non-native species (including invasive). I call "Trial & Error"

5. Being recognized as it's rightfully own ecosystem