Infinitives and Gerunds


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Infinitives and Gerunds by Mind Map: Infinitives and Gerunds

1. Rule 1: Gerunds can be used as the subject of a sentence.

2. Rule 2: Both gerunds and infinitives can be used as subjects of a sentence.

3. Example: “I enjoy drawing.” or Yesterday, I decided to draw.

4. The exeption: "But" ("but") is a word that connects two clauses of a sentence.

5. Sometimes, "but" can also be used as a preposition

6. Rule 3: Infinitives are used after many adjectives

7. Example: It is not easy to graduate from university.

8. Rule 4: Infinitives are used after prayer subjects that are nouns or pronouns that refer to a person.

9. Example: Can I ask you to help me with something?

10. Rule 5: After prepositions gerunds are used (with one exception).

11. Example: I talked him out of taking that job.

12. Prepositions can go after any word.

13. I have an interest in becoming a painter.

14. When "but" is used as a preposition, it has the same meaning as "except"

15. An infinitive is the verbal form that carries "to" at the beginning.

16. Gerunds are formed by adding “-ing” to the verb.

17. Example: Walking is good for your health.