The life of Jamie Popper

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The life of Jamie Popper by Mind Map: The life of Jamie Popper

1. Hobbies

1.1. Training my Australian Shepherd

1.1.1. Roo when he was a baby.

1.2. Studying

1.3. Volunteering

1.4. Yoga

1.5. Horse Back Riding

2. Education

2.1. Paradise Elementary School: Paradise, CA

2.2. Marsh Junior High: Chico, CA

2.3. Vanier Catholic Secondary School: Whitehorse, YT Canada

2.4. Brevard Community College: Titusville, FL

2.5. University of Central Florida: Orlando, FL

3. Volunteered at

3.1. Oak Park Elementary School

3.2. Fox Lake Farms

3.3. Summit Church at Waterford

4. Work Experience

4.1. Kayak Tour Guide

4.2. Dog Bather at Petsmart

4.3. ...and soon to be Pet Trainer at Petsmart!