My Story Concept Map

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My Story Concept Map by Mind Map: My Story Concept Map

1. Pushing

1.1. I decided to push myself in college. I am pretty reserved and quiet, so I wished to be more outgoing and to go social events to meet new people. I am quite bad at public speaking, my voice shakes and my nerves overtake me. So, to combat that, I took Comm 101 to get more practice in it. I also attended public speaking seminars. I am also learning a new language to study abroad in new and unfamiliar country.

1.1.1. This showcases initiative by forcing myself to actively commit to my goals. Recognizing the areas I lack and need to work on, I came up with a plan that I needed to follow to grow in those areas, rather than being stagnant.

2. Finding Meaning

2.1. Ever since I was in elementary school, I have always wanted to be in the medical field. My name has always been one of a my favorite aspect of myself. So when I discovered that the Mayan goddess I was named after was the goddess of medicine, I thought it was fate. Once I started taking classes relating to the medical field, I realized it wasn't really what I wanted to do after all.

2.1.1. This showcases flexibility by seeing how something was not working and comping up with a new plan that works better.

3. Culture

3.1. I am fascinated by other cultures and the people a part of them. I love to see similarities between various cultures and how they differ. By learning more about other cultures/people, I become more tolerant and respectful of them. This is important for the work environment because I will have to work with people of various backgrounds and beliefs. Through learning and knowing a bit about those beliefs, it will make the work place a better environment.

3.1.1. Communication and collaboration are exemplified through this. Being able to communicate with others and to work with them are vital in the work place and everyday life. The easiest way to do so is by understanding each other. And to understand others, one has to know about their background and beliefs.