Learning Theory: Bloom's Taxonomy

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Learning Theory: Bloom's Taxonomy by Mind Map: Learning Theory: Bloom's Taxonomy

1. Remembering & Understanding Example (with Duolingo)

2. Applying Example (with Chess)

3. Analyzing Example (start at 4 minutes in for in-depth details)

4. Evaluating Example (different perspectives on dance)

5. Creating Example (with art)

6. More examples in Shows & Movies

6.1. Friends

6.2. Toy Story

6.3. Inside Out

7. Goal is to go deeper in our teaching and use higher order thinking by our students... (click dot for more)

7.1. ...This is achieved by teaching "above the line" or in the case of this map, the categories are located in the red boxes (Analyzing, Evaluating, and Creating)

8. Bloom's Taxonomy Overview (start here)

8.1. Overview

9. 6 subcategories ↓

10. Verbs for Each Subcategory