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Abby by Mind Map: Abby

1. Job History

1.1. Where have I worked?

1.2. Middle school tutor

1.3. Nanny

1.4. Victoria's Secret

2. Family

2.1. My Family!

2.2. My dad, Mark, and my mom, Kristi

2.3. My brothers, Ben and Will

2.4. Our dog Moose (125 pound, 3 year old Chocolate lab)

3. Fun Facts

3.1. Interesting Facts About Me

3.2. I studying Spanish in Costa Rica for two summers

3.3. I've traveled to over 10 countries

3.4. I like to record my own music

4. Career Goals

4.1. What do I want do?

4.2. Full Time Ministry with CRU

4.2.1. New node

4.3. Teach high school English

4.4. Teach English in third world country

5. Hobbies

5.1. What hobbies do I enjoy?

5.2. Playing guitar

5.3. Hanging out with my family and friends

5.4. Boating

6. Education

6.1. Education (Presently at the University of Central Florida studying Interdisciplinary Studies)

6.2. Shenandoah Elementary

6.3. Conway Middle School

6.4. William R. Boone High School