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1. Screenshot

2. 3. Describe a place not your home where you read and write

3. therapeutic, intriguing, frustrating, exhilarating, detrimental, advisable, appropriate, vivid, eye-catching, brand-new

4. PART 1

4.1. Description question

4.1.1. Screenshot

4.2. Liking question

4.2.1. Screenshot

4.3. Disliking question

4.3.1. Screenshot

4.4. Types of question

4.4.1. Screenshot

4.5. Wh-how often

4.5.1. tạo 2 situation: Screenshot

4.6. Yes, No question

4.6.1. Answer both Yes and No: Screenshot

4.7. Would question

4.7.1. Dùng câu điều kiện loại 2, cho thêm example với would, could

4.8. Topics

4.8.1. where do you live

4.8.2. What you do your job your studies

4.8.3. Hobbies, free time, activities

4.8.4. Sports

4.8.5. Television

4.8.6. Music

4.8.7. Reading

4.8.8. Email

4.8.9. Learning English

4.8.10. Writing

4.8.11. Clothes

4.8.12. School

4.8.13. Restaurant

4.8.14. Friends

4.8.15. Festival

4.8.16. Meeting new people

4.8.17. The sea

4.8.18. Computer

4.8.19. Collect things

4.8.20. Dancing

4.8.21. Learning Languages

4.8.22. Weather

4.8.23. Happiness

4.8.24. shopping

4.8.25. film

4.8.26. weekend

4.8.27. going out in the evening

4.8.28. animals

4.8.29. routine

4.8.30. family

4.8.31. cooking wedding

4.8.32. wedding

4.8.33. public transport

4.8.34. travelling

4.8.35. names

4.8.36. foods

4.8.37. birthday

4.8.38. season

4.8.39. birds

4.8.40. photography

4.8.41. flowers

4.8.42. building

4.8.43. rain

4.8.44. museum

4.8.45. relaxation

4.8.46. cycling

4.8.47. health eating

4.8.48. hotle

4.8.49. outdoor acitiviy

4.8.50. memories of the past

4.8.51. childhood

4.8.52. color

5. PART 2

5.1. Describe an object+favourite

5.1.1. get rid of, part with st

5.1.2. life-size, status symbol, landline

5.1.3. Media= current affair, mass media, view point, bias, newstands how to update news Why need to update news Adj for news: trust or doubt

5.1.4. Order to say what it is, why you have adj of appearance: it's light, mordern... It's made of ... why you have: my parents bought me a bike. Past simple and past continuous: how you know: I saw it when I was a kid. Its purpose who made? made for what use?: the kite was made by father its use the first time/ last time: the first time I used computer was 10 years ago evaluate it adj: it's practical, essential and fantastic linking: although, not only but also comparative: the bus is much/ far slower than a taxi why it's important, how do you feel attachment: it reminds me.. I couldn't bear to part with... second/ third conditional--> how important: if I hadn't read that book, I would have been.... present perfect--> how important: Computer has become the essential part...

5.1.5. TOPICS 1.Describe something you bought but difficult to use at first 2. Describe an interesting animal you have ever seen 3. Describe an achievement when you put great effort to gain (Describe a goal you set and achieved.) 4. Descibe a job you would not like to do in the future 5. Describe a ideal house or apartment you would like to live in the future 6. Describe a successful small company that you know 7. Describe the article on health you read on magazine or the Internet 8. Describe a piece of important news you got through a text message 9. Describe a new skill you learned that you think is important 10. Describe a uniform (in school or company) you wear 11. Describe a film/movie you would like to share with your friends 12. Describe a photograph you like in your room 13. Describe a popular product (e.g. food, handicraft -) made in your region 14. Describe a toy you like in your childhood 15. Describe something useful you borrow from 16. Describe an advice you receive on your subject or work 17. Describe a gift that you took a lot of time to choose 18. Describe an interesting conversation with a stranger 19. Describe a special day you remember well 20. Describe a piece of clothing you enjoy wearing 21. Describe a practical skill you learned 22. Describe something special you took home from a tourist attraction

5.2. Describe a person

5.2.1. sociable, quick-tempered, bad-tempered, self-conscious Screenshot

5.2.2. bookworm, couch potato, semi-professional, beer belly, role model

5.2.3. hand-eye-co-ordination

5.2.4. great sense of N

5.2.5. Screenshot

5.2.6. Order to say who they are and how you know them Relative, occupation, social position: my teacher, my friend of family relatives clause: who lived next door to us Past continuous and past simple tense: We met when we was working together what they are like, and what they do adj: she is open-minded, gentle, kind... Adv of frequency: always wear glass.. Past continuous, past simple, past perfect to tell a short story their achieve and how they influence you the third conditional: if I hadn't met her, I would never have become a teacher The present perfect for achievements: he has become one of the most famous ... Phrase of achievement: page 168: she struggled for... why they are special and how you feel about them Expression of admiration: Expression of imitation: I hope I will be as successful as her Role model expression

5.2.7. TOPICS 1. Describe a family member who you spend the most time with. - Describe a person who taught you something (knowledge or principles) - Describe someone in your family who you like - Describe a person who encouraged and helped you to achieve goal 2. Describe a person on the news that you’d like to meet 3. Describe a team where you were a member 4. Describe a person who is good at his/her job 5. Describe a person who often travels by plane

5.3. Describe an event+ activity

5.3.1. Frequency: routine, even so often, occasionally, from time to time, all the time, once in a blue moon, hardly ever, all year round

5.3.2. Degree of like or dislike be quite into smt, a big fan of, keen on, enjoy, be interested in, very much, tobe in the mood, frame of mind Dislike, hate, can't stand, awkward

5.3.3. Verbs/N = hang out with somebody, meet up with somebody, gossip, have smb over, socialize with, Golden opportunity,

5.3.4. Linking verb: also, as well as, however, but, though, besides

5.3.5. Verb: Express myself, Expand/boarden / widen my horizons, learn by trial and error, get to grids with, get the hang of, lateral thinking

5.3.6. Day off

5.3.7. Order to say What it was, when it happened Type of event: I'd like to talk about the road trip, the story,.. prep of time: when I was a child,... situation the event happened, use past simple, past continuous, past perfect: When I was traveling around the world,... Why, where, who it happened with Passive voice for location or why: This party was held in my office Location: I was on the beach when ... Who: relationship, occupation: My father who is a teacher... what happened câu trần thuật trực tiếp or gián tiếp: I said "I hate you"- I said that I hated him. Use past simple to tell adv and tense: past simple, past continuous, past perfect: suddenly, all of the sudden why it was special and how you feel adj for feeling: I was very satisfied with.. what you learned from, using third conditional or present perfect: This story was the most memorable tale I have ever heard. concluding: Screenshot

5.3.8. TOPICS 1. Describe a performance you watched recently 2. Describe an exciting event you've had. - Describe a time when you were excited - Describe an occasion that make you happy 3. Describe a difficult challenge you met 4. Describe a time when someone apologized to you 5. Describe an important journey that has been delayed 6. Describe a change that can improve your local area 7. Describe an occasion when weather prevented your activity 8. Describe a time you wouldn’t use the mobile phone 9. Describe a time when you helped someone 10. Describe an experience when you travelled by public transport 11. Describe an unusual experience of travelling/vacation/holiday 12. Describe a time you looked at the sky 13. Describe a time when you lost something and found it 14. Describe an experience you played an indoor game with others 15. Describe an experience that you got bored when you were with others 16. Describe a time you do not tell your friend the truth 17. Describe a leisure activity you do with your family 18. Describe a situation when you celebrate your achievement 19. Describe a time when you first met someone 20. Describe a time you were sleepy but had to stay awake 21. Describe a time when you heard a person talking on the phone in the public places

5.4. Describe a place

5.4.1. Road, stress convenient, traffic jam, get stuck, means of transport, rush hour, jam-packed, run-down, mordernise, densly populated, bustling low-rise, high-rise, facility, eatery

5.4.2. impressional, airy

5.4.3. ORDER TO SAY What it is and where type of place: palace, flat, museum... prep of position: located, near, opposite what it looks like size and shape: tall, huge, vast adj for character, appearance: airy, dark, majestic linking phrase what its purpose passive voice--> purpose: was built, was construct, past habit: I used to.. when I was young popularity or fame: famous for, renowned for why it's special and how you feel about it zero and first conditional: if I have time, I will... how you feel: I value, it's important.. adj for quality of place: it's tranquil, peacful

5.4.4. TOPICS 1. Describe a crowded place you have been to 2. Describe a place you remember well that full of color 4. Describe a new public building in your place

6. PART 3

6.1. Các dạng câu hỏi

6.1.1. Comparing Use comparative language Need 2 differences

6.1.2. Predicting

6.1.3. WHY

6.1.4. Advantage and disadvantage

6.1.5. Problem

6.1.6. Solution

7. Method

7.1. Bí quá

7.1.1. Screenshot

7.2. Cấu trúc: Information-which...

7.2.1. Because

7.2.2. Benefit (physical and soul) Do wonder for my health is a fantastic way to

7.2.3. Alternative: Unlike/ If/ compare to

7.2.4. For example: one of my perennial favourite...

7.3. very= pretty, relatively, absolute, particular, definite, obvious, quite

7.4. Popularity: for the most part, ubiquitous, all the rage

7.5. Adv: always, often, probably, definitely, absolutely, obviously, especially, particularly, normally, extremely

7.6. Mẹo dùng cả 3 thì Quá khứ, Hiện tại, tương Lai. Câu cửa miệng dùng HTHT


8.1. Money

8.1.1. Spend reasonalbly priced, inexpensive, dirty cheap prohibitively expensive, tad pricey, cost an arm and a leg,cost a fortune

8.1.2. Make make a killing, make a lucrative income live on a budget

8.2. Health

8.2.1. exercise hit the gym keep fit, stay in shape, get lean

8.2.2. diet junk food whole food, wholesome food

8.3. Cấu trúc mỹ tâm

8.3.1. She is a nationally acclaimed singer.

8.3.2. She's known for / famous for/ synonymous with

8.3.3. In addition to singing, she's also...

8.4. Food amazing

8.4.1. out of this world

8.4.2. phenomenal, extraordinary, fundamental

8.5. Relationship

8.6. like smt Screenshot have a thing for

8.7. Lầy cấu trúc Screenshot

8.8. Technology, education, environment, globalization, Business/ job, health, advertising, crime, arts/ traditions