Summertime Slimdown -finance edition-

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Summertime Slimdown -finance edition- by Mind Map: Summertime Slimdown -finance edition-


1.1. Open?

1.1.1. How you view Just after some 'tools'?

1.2. Slimdown

1.2.1. Simplify Resources Our world

1.3. Mindsets about Finance

1.3.1. Scarcity There is not enough Bottom up approach. "I have X amount. How can I live the life I want on X"?

1.3.2. Adundance There is more than enough Top Down Approach. "I want to live a life of X. How can I earn what I need for X"?

1.3.3. Window into your world Growing in BIG Life No lottery tickets or handouts

1.4. "Stuff"

1.4.1. Anxiety/Worry? Stuff owns you Debt - BIG Life Killer

1.4.2. Peace/Confidence? You own your stuff 'Margin'

1.4.3. Live where want - do what want OK, but... you're not a tree


2.1. Surest path to financial ruin

2.1.1. quicker way

2.2. 70

2.2.1. Live off of 70% of what you make yes it can be done here is where you cut

2.3. 10

2.3.1. Give away 10% of what you earn More than enough

2.4. 10

2.4.1. Save 10% Start putting money to work for you instead of you working for money. building assets

2.5. 10

2.5.1. Cut - Put 10% towards you debt Mortgage only possible exception. once debt gone, invest

2.6. Simple

2.6.1. Simple plan keep Tool Focused Regular - Irregular Income & Expenses

2.7. Budget

2.7.1. Calendar Challenge


3.1. Mindset

3.1.1. yes you can

3.2. Value

3.3. Growth

3.3.1. Money You

3.4. Opportunity


4.1. Put 80% effort here - Top down.

4.1.1. while very close, not a cure all. BIG TRAP Make more, spend more.

4.2. Get paid for value

4.2.1. how can you increase your value? Solve Problems Get creative Education - caution experience Growth -vs- Fixed

4.3. Enjoy what you do

4.3.1. work towards it stepping stones not giant leaps


5.1. Savings

5.1.1. Life happens - no surprise rainy day Get away from need

5.2. Freedom

5.2.1. Make your own decisions not your money. Trading Dollars for Time

5.3. You & Your money

5.3.1. grow/build both

5.4. Opportuntiy

5.4.1. be ready (you and money) Mark Cuban