Do you agree that city life is becoming increasing unattractive?

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Do you agree that city life is becoming increasing unattractive? by Mind Map: Do you agree that city life is becoming increasing unattractive?


1.1. Environmental Factor

1.1.1. Pollution Increased emphasis on economic growth within cities Increasing demands of energy leads to increased burning of fossil fuels New node Increasing population overburdens the city's resources. Increase in traffic volume

1.2. Social Factors

1.2.1. High levels of stress Competitive environments Constant strive for excellence and growth, leading to the survival of the fittest Workplace and School Due to technology, less labour is required. Hence, only the best will get jobs. Need to keep up with swift development and rapid turnover rates of fast moving economy Leading to increase in suicide rates Rised from 8.76 per 100,000 residents in 2008 to 9.35 in 2009 in Singapore

1.3. Economic Factors

1.3.1. High costs of living High inflation rates Sharp increases in General Price Level of goods and services

1.3.2. Burgeoning property prices Overpopulation, rapidly increasing demands of housing Limited supply, prices of houses rise tremendously over the years


2.1. Social Well-being

2.1.1. Higher standard of living (SOL) Eg. Japan, where work pays well and Japanese have a relatively good SOL, causing life expectancy of Japanese to increase from Quality and quantity of facilities, better healthcare and sanitation, avaliabilty of technology, wider variety of goods and services, greater life expectancy

2.1.2. Improved ammenities and facilities available Eg. Healthcare, where one would probably receive quicker medical attention in times of emergency, as compared to more rural areas. More immediate medical attention would increase one's chances of survival. Entertainment and leisure Night life Public sports facilities for use Appreciation of literacy and the arts

2.2. Economic Opportunities

2.2.1. Greater job opportunities Increase one's affluence and financial security. As time passes, more businesses will create opening new job opportunities for the people.

2.3. Technological Advancements

2.3.1. Cars as main mode of transport Convenience in getting to places quickly Time saved can be utilized for other purposes, increasing efficiency

2.3.2. State-of-the-Art Transport system in place E.g. Singapore's interconnected local transport system, linking buses with MRTs and LRTs

2.3.3. Smart Technology Generation Smartphones gives access to different needs on the go e.g. GPS, FaceTime on iPhones to connect with loved ones face-to-face even though they may be miles apart


3.1. City life is definitely has its pros and cons. As it can be seen, there are many criticisms of the stress and prices of living in the city. But with it comes convenience, welfare, and most importantly of all, opportunities. And people have ambition and they are indeed attracted to these opportunities. Hence, despite all the problems that come together with it, city life is attractive.


4.1. To date, many countries around the world consists of a few major metropolitan cities which houses millions of city people who work, play and spend most of their lives in the city. However, the general city life is becoming increasingly unattractive to a large extent, this is mainly due to the increasing pace of life and competition coming from various aspects of one's life. However, cities were originally attractive due to economic and technological reasons, which is still important pull factors, leading to high numbers of rural urban migration, especially in developing countries.