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Crane by Mind Map: Crane

1. Function

1.1. What is the function of my structure

1.1.1. The function of the struncture is to help pick something up and then to put it down somewhere else for Ex: to help lift the materials up at a construction site

1.2. Forces

1.2.1. What is going to resists compression There is going to be 2 struts to resists compression

1.2.2. What forces can it resists

1.2.3. Is there a point and plane of application

1.2.4. What kind of internal forces can affect the structure

1.2.5. What can resists external forces

1.2.6. Can magmatude affect the structure

1.2.7. what can resists tension

1.3. Stability

1.3.1. How are you going to make it stable The base is going to be a trapizoid shape There is going to be a trapizoid shape because the trapizoid is like a triangle but the top part is flat instead of being pointy and triangles are shapes that are very stable

1.3.2. Is the base going to be wide

1.3.3. What is going to make it stronger We are going to laminate some parts of the structure so then it will be thicker and more hard to break

1.3.4. Where is ther centre of gravity

1.3.5. Does it have a low centre of gravity

1.3.6. Will it be able to hold heavy objects

1.3.7. Is the structure going to be able to stand up straight even ifits on an angle

1.4. Form

1.4.1. Will will my structure be solid,frame,shell or combination The structure is going to be a combination structure

1.4.2. What materials will my structure be made with The materials that we are going to use are popsicle sticks,glue making tape, combination paper and strings

1.4.3. What kind of structural componets are you going to use We are going to use beams, I-beams, truss, girders/box beam and corugated cardboard

1.4.4. How will it look

1.4.5. How big is it going to be

1.4.6. Does the structure have a good and stabled design

1.4.7. Will the frame of the structure be able to hold the other parts of the structurre up