Joshua Kravit

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Joshua Kravit by Mind Map: Joshua Kravit

1. I Can Play...

1.1. Guitar

1.1.1. Playing for 14 years

1.2. Piano

1.2.1. Playing for 3 years

1.3. Singing

1.3.1. Sense i can remember :)

2. Fun

2.1. Scuba Diving

2.1.1. Moving to Australia to work on the Great Barrior Reef to help monitor the community of fish and coral.

2.1.2. Scuba Divving sense my senior year in high school New node

2.1.3. Scuba Diving helped me choose my major

2.2. Disc Golf

2.2.1. Playing for 7 years

2.2.2. I am Semi-Pro for the past 2 years

2.2.3. My favorite thing to do outside next to scuba diving.

3. Education

3.1. University of Central Florida

3.1.1. Earth Science/ Oceanography Education

3.2. Monarch Hight School

3.2.1. Varsity Baseball all 4 years

3.2.2. Placed in the national rankings in Pitching