My Life :)

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My Life :) by Mind Map: My Life :)

1. Education

1.1. My Education So Far...

1.2. I graduated from Titusville High School (THS) located in Titusville Florida

1.3. I graduate High School as a Certified Nurses Assistant.

1.4. I earned my Associates Degree at Brevard Community College in Florida.

2. Family

2.1. I was raised by both my parent and have one older brother and one younger sister.

2.2. I am married to the greatest man in the world. :) We were married on December 16, 2006.

2.3. I have been blessed with two handsome young men.

3. Career

3.1. Where I have worked! $$$$

3.2. My first job was for my families Seafood Bussiness. I started there in 2003.

3.3. In 2009, I worked as Phlebotomist (aka a vampire) at a local hosipital.

3.4. November of 2009 I returned to work at my families bussiness.

4. Hobbies

4.1. My Hobbies :)

4.2. Cheerleading is my # 1 hobby! I started cheering at the Age of 5 and was Capt. of my high school cheerleading squad.

4.3. I also am an avid reader. I all things Nicholas Sparks.

4.4. Running is also one of my newer hobbies.