Orem's Self-Care Deficit Theory

A web diagram of Orem's theories.

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Orem's Self-Care Deficit Theory by Mind Map: Orem's Self-Care Deficit Theory

1. Theory of Self-Care Deficit

1.1. Doing for

1.1.1. Feeding a patient

1.2. Guiding

1.2.1. Giving direction for walker use

1.3. Providing support

1.3.1. Emotional support for laboring mother

1.4. Maintaining Environment

1.4.1. Maintaining a therapeutic environment

1.5. Teaching

1.5.1. Teaching how to use inhaler

2. Theory of Self-Care

2.1. Self-care requisites

2.1.1. Developmental

2.1.2. Universal

2.1.3. Health deviation

2.2. self-care concepts

2.2.1. Self-care agency

2.2.2. Theraputic self-care demand

2.2.3. Basic conditioning factors

3. Theory of Nursing Systems

3.1. Wholly compensatory system

3.1.1. The Nurse meets the entirety of the self-care deficit on behalf of the patient. e.g. fully dependent bed bath.

3.2. Partially compensatory system

3.2.1. The nurse assists the patient to meet a self-care deficit. e.g. assisting a patient to shower.

3.3. Supportive-educative system

3.3.1. The nurse gives support and instruction to a patient who is physically capable of meeting their own self-care needs. e.g. providing supplies and instruction for independent bathing.