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Homelessness by Mind Map: Homelessness

1. Issues

1.1. Definition

1.1.1. The McKinney-Vento Act says, “A homeless child is any youth who lacks a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence.”

1.2. Hygiene and Nutrition

1.2.1. Limited Access to Running Water

1.2.2. Poor Diet

1.2.3. Lack of Healthcare

1.3. Security and Stability

1.3.1. Sleep Deprivation

1.3.2. Low Attendance

1.3.3. Lack of Parental Support

1.4. Emotional Support

1.4.1. Behavioral Problems

1.4.2. Substance Abuse

1.4.3. Shame

2. Community Resources

2.1. Security and Stability

2.1.1. Temporary Housing

2.1.2. Drop-In Centers

2.1.3. Shelters

2.2. Hygiene and Nutrition

2.2.1. Community Health Fair Vision Screening Hearing Tests Flu Shots

2.2.2. Local Food Pantry Buddy Pack Program

2.2.3. Clothing Drive

3. School Resources

3.1. After School Programs

3.1.1. Sports

3.1.2. Clubs

3.1.3. Tutoring

3.2. Nutrition and Hygiene

3.2.1. National School Lunch program Free breakfast and lunch Homeless students are automatically eligible

3.2.2. Showers in the gym

3.2.3. Healthy snacks in the classroom

3.2.4. Extra hygiene supplies available from the nurse.

3.3. Emotional Support and Stability

3.3.1. Teachers build trust and provide encouragement

3.3.2. Teachers create and follow a daily routine