US Federal Government

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US Federal Government by Mind Map: US Federal Government

1. The Legislative Branch

1.1. The Senate and the House of Representatives.

1.2. Requirements

1.2.1. Senate 30 years old US Citizen for 9 years Have to live state you represent

1.2.2. House of Representatives Must be 25 Citizen in the US for 7 years Resident of the state you represent

1.3. There are 100 senators and 435 members of the House of Representatives.

1.4. The powers of the Legislative Branch are to make and pass laws.

1.5. A Senators terms last for about 6 years til they get re-elected. Members of the House serve two years before re-elections.

1.6. Powers

1.6.1. Implied Ex: McCulloch vs Maryland

1.6.2. Expressed Ex: power to levy taxes

1.7. Article I

2. The Judicial Branch

2.1. There are no literal qualifications for being in the Supreme Court, but they do have to be elected by the President and approved by the Senate.

2.2. Supreme Court members are elected by the president and approved by Senate.

2.3. There are 9 Justices.

2.4. The Chief Justice.

2.5. The serve until they die or retire.

2.6. Judicial Review.

2.7. Article III

3. The Executive Branch

3.1. Qualifications for being President and Vice President.

3.1.1. Both the President and the Vice President must be a natural born citizen of the United States, a resident for 14 years, and 35 years of age or older.

3.2. The President can only serve a total of two terms that last 4 years each. So he/she can not be president for more than 8 years,

3.3. 1) They Can Reject Laws. 2) Appoint Federal Posts. 3) Negotiate foreign Treaties. 4) Appoint Federal Laws. 5) Grant Pardons.

3.3.1. Department State

3.3.2. He is the head of the executive branch.

3.4. There are 15 Executive Departments and they are:

3.4.1. Department of the Treasury

3.4.2. Department of the Interior

3.4.3. Department of Agriculture

3.4.4. Department of Commerce

3.4.5. Department of Labor

3.4.6. Department of Health and Human Services

3.4.7. Department of Housing and Urban Development

3.4.8. Department of Transportation

3.4.9. Department of Energy

3.4.10. Department of Education

3.4.11. Department of Veterans Affairs

3.4.12. New Topic

3.5. The powers of the Executive Branch are to enforce the law.

3.6. Article II