Technology Integration Based on Constructivist Models

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Technology Integration Based on Constructivist Models by Mind Map: Technology Integration Based on Constructivist Models

1. Fosters Creative Problem Solving and Metacognition

1.1. Students become creative and effective problem solvers.

1.2. Teachers present the problem and guides the students to solve them with the appropriate resources.

1.3. Resources like video, mapping tools, blogging and simulations

1.4. Te

2. Build Mental Models and Increase Knowledge Transfer

2.1. Problem solving materials can help students build mental models of problems.

2.1.1. Serious games is an example that helps students by teaching skills, build knowledge, retain understandings over time and transfer problems to other contexts.

2.2. Teachers can use them in areas like mathematics and science

3. Foster Group Cooperation Skills

3.1. Technology can help make cooperative work more motivating and easier.

3.2. Helps students to work in groups to solve problems and design solutions.

3.3. Groups can effectively research the internet and learn from various local and global sources. Can create multimedia presentations.

4. Allow for Multiple and Distributed Intelligences

4.1. Group cooperative activities guided by teachers, can help the students make contributions on learning on their own terms.

4.2. Problems are viewed as collective rather than individual.

4.3. Helps students showcase their assests, for peer, teacher and media scaffolding and the knowledge is distributed accross the group.