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Business aspects of Watson, David Boloker, IBM by Mind Map: Business aspects of Watson, David Boloker, IBM
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Business aspects of Watson, David Boloker, IBM

The world is fundemantally changing

world is exploding with data

business models are thrown out

population grows

companies use analytics more & more

Basic process remain


Raise hypothesis

Apply machine learning model


Healthcare application

Patient diagnosis, Understand, Raise hypothesis, Add evidence of different aspects, Evaluate the hypothesis with every new piece of information, Provide final confidence levels

Financial application

Which company to invest in, same process

The idea is to help people who need go over tons of information, & do the work for them

When do you need Watson-like solution

Can't manage the data

Need analyze patterns

Generate actionable insights

Manage the volume, variety & velocity of data

Transform analytics

Use-cases they consider

Diagnosis & treatment

Process optimization

Contact center

Ingest sources, Previous calls, Manufacturing Manuals, Web data, people who solved this

Research & Development

Personalized Self-Service

Fraud & Risk-management

2012 focus: UX

iPad app

conveying confidence level

need not just question, but also context