inbound Marketing

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inbound Marketing by Mind Map: inbound Marketing

1. educate

1.1. Educate Client about Inbound

1.2. Educate On clients business

2. Team

2.1. Marketing Strategist

2.2. Content writer

2.3. Social Media Manager

2.4. Web Developer

3. Assess current marketing

3.1. what marketing assests do they currently have

3.1.1. current marketing budget what activities are they doing? how are they performing


4.1. Specific

4.1.1. Measurable Attainable Realistic

5. Define Buyer Persona and Journeys

5.1. who are your clients?

5.1.1. what's trigging them to buy from you demographics what's the role in their company or family/ community

6. Build Marketing game plan

6.1. content strategy

6.1.1. conversion path technology needed blogs/ SM posts, website,

7. Launch Website

8. publish content

8.1. blogs 2x month

8.1.1. social media posts ebooks calculators

8.2. Email Marketing

9. promote content

9.1. promote on SM

9.1.1. PPC / paid advertising

10. Test/Review/Report ROIs

10.1. sharp spring analytics

10.1.1. google analytics Social Media Analytics

11. Email Marketing

11.1. Set up drip

11.1.1. Referral emails