Graves' Disease

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Graves' Disease by Mind Map: Graves' Disease

1. Hyperthyroidism

1.1. opthalmopathy

1.1.1. functional abnormalities lag of globe on upward gaze lag of upper lid on downward gaze

1.1.2. infiltrative changes orbital fat accumulation exophthalmos (eyeball protrusion) can cause damage to optic nerve periorbital edema

1.2. endocrine system (thyroid)

1.2.1. enlarged goiter hyperactivity of thyroid gland

1.2.2. systolic bruit over thyroid

1.3. reproductive system

1.3.1. oligomenorrhea or amenorrhea related to hypothalamic and pituitary changes

1.4. GI

1.4.1. weight loss increased metabolism, glucose absorption

1.4.2. frequent stools

1.5. cardiovascular

1.5.1. tachycardia increased metabolism

1.6. nervous system

1.6.1. restlessness increased cerebral metabolism

1.6.2. short attention span

1.6.3. fatigue

1.6.4. tremor

1.6.5. insomnia Increased circulation related to increased metabolism

1.7. respiratory

1.7.1. dyspnea weakness of respiratory muscles

1.8. skin

1.8.1. sweating

1.8.2. warm skin

1.8.3. heat intolerance

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3. TSAb

3.1. Autoimmunity

3.1.1. Environmental factors

3.1.2. Genetic Factors