Buisness Ventures

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Buisness Ventures by Mind Map: Buisness Ventures

1. Technology

1.1. New

1.1.1. Programming What to program?

1.1.2. Digitization of _____

1.2. Old

1.2.1. Iphones

1.2.2. Macs

2. Sports

2.1. Online betting

2.1.1. New way to improve

2.2. New model of athletes

2.2.1. Signing with agents

2.3. Marketing

2.3.1. In and out research quick cash

2.3.2. Long term investment have to love this lots of cash if successful would need patent

3. Fashion

3.1. Clothing

3.2. Accesories

4. Middle Man Sales Trade

4.1. Never lose

4.1.1. Dwindle on idealization of scare tactics

4.1.2. Never lose product/respect

4.1.3. your word is currency

4.2. How to get in the game

4.2.1. Personal brokerage rich friends loyalty is key

4.2.2. Banker broker these people are gay great money in corporate sales