U.S Government

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U.S Government by Mind Map: U.S Government

1. Judicial branch

1.1. None

1.2. President nominates someone then the senate votes

1.3. Nine

1.4. The Chief Justice

1.5. 16 years

1.6. It has the power of judicial review

2. Legislation branch

2.1. The House of Representatives and the senate

2.2. Senate: 30 yrs, U.S citizens for 9 years, be a residency in the state during the election.

2.3. The House of Representatives: 25 yrs, U.S citizens for 7 yrs, be inhabitant of the state they represent.

2.4. Senate: 100. The House of Representatives: 435

2.5. They make all laws, declare war, regulate interstates and foreign commerce and controls taxing and spend policies.

2.6. Senate: 6 year terms. The House of Representatives: 6 year

2.7. Expressed: regulate interstate commerce and declare war

2.8. Implied power: they can add any law that is controversial hotly

3. Executive branch

3.1. Prez: natural born U.S citizens 35 yrs old and be a U.S resident for 14 years min

3.2. Vice President: natural born citizens 35 years old and a U.S resident for 14 years

3.3. Both of them have term limits of 2, 4 year terms

3.4. Veto a law appoint federal posts and negotiate foreign treaties.

3.5. Chief of state, chief executive, chief administration, chief diplomat, commander in chief, party chief.

3.6. There are 15 executive departments

3.7. Department of state, agriculture, of energy, of the treasury, of commerce,of justice of defense, of interior, home land security, veteran affairs,education, transportation, labor, housing and urban development, health and human services,office of management and budget, commerce and labor,health and human service, trade representative