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My New Mind Map by Mind Map: My New Mind Map

1. Executive Branch

1.1. Requirements

1.1.1. President and Vice President Must be 35 years old Must be natural born in the United States Must have been a resident of the U.S. for 14 years

1.2. Terms last 4 years (Max. Of 2 terms)

1.3. Powers

1.3.1. Enforce laws

1.3.2. Veto Laws

1.3.3. Grant pardon

1.3.4. Appoint federal judges

1.4. Roles of the President

1.4.1. Chief of State

1.4.2. Chief Executive

1.4.3. Chief Administrator

1.4.4. Chief Diplomat

1.4.5. Commander in Chief

1.4.6. Chief Legislator

1.4.7. Party Chief

1.4.8. Chief Citizen

1.5. Departments

1.5.1. Department of Agriculture

1.5.2. Department of Commerce

1.5.3. Department of Defense

1.5.4. Department of Education

1.5.5. Department of Energy

1.5.6. Department of Health and Human Services

1.5.7. Department of Homeland Security

1.5.8. Department of Housing and Urban Development

1.5.9. Department of the Interior

1.5.10. Department of Justice

1.5.11. Department of Labor

1.5.12. Department of State

1.5.13. Department of Transportation

1.5.14. Department of the Treasury

1.5.15. Department of Veterans Affairs

2. Legislative Branch

2.1. House of Representatives

2.1.1. Requirements 25 years old or older Must be a citizen of the United States for 7 years Be a resident in the state that they represent

2.1.2. 435 total representatives

2.1.3. 2 year terms

2.2. Senate

2.2.1. Requirements 30 years old or older Must be a U.S. Citizen for 9 years Must be a resident in the state they represent

2.2.2. 100 total senators (2 from each state)

2.2.3. 6 year terms

2.3. Powers

2.3.1. Can initiate revenue bills

2.3.2. Can impeach federal officers

2.3.3. Makes all laws

2.3.4. Can declare war

2.3.5. Enumerated powers are those stated in the constitution

2.3.6. Implied powers aren’t directly stated in the constitution

2.3.7. The Elastic Clause allows the stretching of powers to meet the needs of things that the founders didn’t expect

3. Judicial Branch

3.1. No requirements

3.2. Appointed by the President and approved by Senate

3.3. 9 Justices

3.4. Head Justice is known is the Chief Justice

3.5. No limit on how long they serve

3.6. Powers

3.6.1. Final court to interpreter the constitution

3.6.2. Judicial Review