Unites States Government

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Unites States Government by Mind Map: Unites States Government

1. Judicial Branch

1.1. Supreme Court powers

1.1.1. Can declare a law unconstitutional

1.1.2. Hear over federal court cases

1.2. Supreme Court Justices

1.2.1. There are 9 Supreme Court justices Head Justice The presiding member of the Supreme Court. 2 requirements Must have previous experience Must be nominated by the president with consent from congress. Election They must be nominated by the president, and be approved by Congress.

2. Executive Branch

2.1. President

2.1.1. Qualifications Must be a natural born citizen Live in the U.S. for at least 14 years Must be at least 35 Serves a 4 year term

2.1.2. Roles Chief Diplomat Command and Chief Chief executive Head of state Party member

2.2. Vice President

2.2.1. Qualifications Natural born citizen Live in the US for 14 years Must be at least 35 Serves a 4 year term

2.3. Executive Departments

2.3.1. There are 14 executive departments Human services Dept. of housing and urban development Department of commerce Department of labor Department of education Department of state Department of defense Department of homeland security Department of veterans affairs Department of the interior Department of justice Department of agriculture Department of energy Department of the treasury Department of transportation

2.4. Executive powers

2.4.1. Make laws

2.4.2. Declare war

2.4.3. Raise money for Congress

2.4.4. Impeach and try federal officials

2.4.5. Approve presidential appointments

2.4.6. Approve Treaties

2.4.7. Oversight and investigations

3. Legislative Branch

3.1. Legislative powers

3.1.1. Power to impeach officials

3.1.2. Approve revenue bills

3.2. Senate

3.2.1. There are two senators for each state. 100 senators total in the US

3.2.2. Requirements to be a senator Must be at least 30 years old Must reside in the state the currently represent US citizen for 9 years.

3.3. House of Representatives

3.3.1. The number of representatives for each state depends on population.

3.3.2. Requirements to be a Representative Live in the state you represent Must be at least 25 years old Live in the US for 7 years