U.S Government

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U.S Government by Mind Map: U.S Government

1. Judicial

1.1. The Judicial Branch is the Justice side of the government.

1.2. The Judicial Branch deals with the laws and courts weather they are civil cases or criminal cases.

2. Legislative

2.1. Congress

2.1.1. Congress is split up into 2 sections House of Representatives and The Senate.

3. Executive

3.1. The Executive Branch deals with the President and the Vice President and always making.

3.1.1. The President and Vice President can only serve 2 terms with 4 years in each term. If a president resigned or is kicked outta office within his last 2 years the new president can serve 10 years if he is elected for the 2nd term.

3.2. There are special requirements to be the President. You have to be 35 years old, Natural Born Citizen, and lived in the U.S for 14 years at least.