U.S Government

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U.S Government by Mind Map: U.S Government

1. Judicial

1.1. Supreme Court

1.1.1. There are no requirements to me on the Supreme Court someone must step down to make a empty seat then the president must appoint you

1.1.2. The name of the head justice is Chief Justice

1.1.3. There and 9 Justices on the Supreme Court

1.1.4. The term limit for the justices in life or if they step down or get removed

1.1.5. They have the power to look over the executive branch by being able to overturn a law and make sure the laws are in line with the constitution

1.2. Outlined by article III in the constitution

2. Legislation

2.1. Out lined in article I of the constitution

2.2. Congress

2.2.1. Senate Must be 30 years old, must be a us resident for nine years, and must live in the state you are running in There are 100 members in the senate Six year terms

2.2.2. House of Reps. Must be 25 years old, been a us resident for the past 7 years and live in the state you are running in There are 435 members in the HOR Two year terms

2.3. They make laws

3. Executive

3.1. President

3.1.1. Must be 35 years old, live in the us for 14 years, and must be a natural born citizen.

3.1.2. Same requirements to become Vice President

3.1.3. The president can serve two four year terms or a max of ten years

3.1.4. The roles of the preside are: chief of state, chief executive, chief administrator, chief diplomat, commander in chief, chief legislator, party chief, and chief citizen.

3.2. Departments

3.2.1. There are 15 different departments in the executive branch and they are: The Department of state, Treasury, defense, justice, interior, agriculture, labor, commerce, health an human service, housing and urban development, transportation, energy, education, veterans affairs, and homeland security

3.3. Powers

3.3.1. The ability to veto, accept, and propose bills, appoint federal jobs such as heads f departments, make treaties with other nations, appoint federal judges, and grant pardons

3.4. Outlined by article II in the constitution