United States Government

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United States Government by Mind Map: United States Government

1. Judicial Branch

1.1. Supreme Court: 30+ years old, license of practice laws(depending on state), U.S. citizen for 15+ years, and qualified voter for 9+ years

1.1.1. A member of the Supreme Court is chosen by the President but approved by the Senate

1.2. Seven Justices in total

1.2.1. Chief Justice: the head of the Justice

1.2.2. Justices have a life-long term unless they retire or are impeached

1.3. Article 3: established the Judicial Branch

2. Executive Branch

2.1. President/Vice President: 35+ years old, National born citizen, lived in the U.S. for 14+ years

2.1.1. Serves for four-years terms Can only serve for two-full terms before they are removed from office

2.2. Powers: veto(reject) laws, appoint federal posts/judges, negotiates foreign treaties, and give pardons(forgiveness) for crimes

2.3. Presidents’ Roles: Head of State(represent the nation), Chief Executive(enforces laws), Commander in Chief(commander of the armed forces), Chief Diplomat(direct U.S. Foreign policy), and Legislative Leader(share plans to the public)

2.4. 15 U.S. Executive Departments

2.4.1. 1) U.S. Department of Agriculture

2.4.2. 2) U.S. Department of Commerce

2.4.3. 3) U.S. Department of Defense

2.4.4. 4) U.S. Department of Education

2.4.5. 5) U.S. Department of Energy

2.4.6. 6) U.S. Department of Health and Human Serves

2.4.7. 7) U.S. Department of Homeland Security

2.4.8. 8) U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

2.4.9. 9) U.S. Department of Justice

2.4.10. 10) U.S. Department of Labor

2.4.11. 11) U.S Department of State

2.4.12. 12) U.S. Department of the Interior

2.4.13. 13) U.S. Department of the Treasury

2.4.14. 14) U.S. Department of Transportation

2.4.15. 15) U.S. Department of Veterans Affair

2.5. Article 2: established the Executive Branch

3. Legislative Branch

3.1. House of Representatives & Senate

3.1.1. Senate: 30+ years old, U.S citizen(9 years), and live in the state you represent 100 Senators in the United States Each state has two Senators Can serve for 6 years

3.1.2. H.O.R: 25+ years old, U.S citizen(7 years), and live in the state you represent 435 House of Representatives in the United States # of H.O.R are based on the population of the state Can serve 2 years

3.2. Powers: makes laws(can stop a veto/make a law without the President), declare war, negotiates foreign treaties, and gov. oversight

3.3. Implied/Elastic Clause: grants Congress the ability to pass they feel are “necessary and proper”

3.4. Expressed/Enumerated Powers: powers that are written in the Constitution and granted to Congress

3.5. Article 1: established the Legislative Branch