Us government

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Us government by Mind Map: Us government

1. The legislation branch

1.1. Article l makes this branch

1.2. The two chambers

1.2.1. Senators 30 year old, 9 years citizen, live in state you represent 100 senators Server 6 years

1.2.2. Representatives 25 years old, be a citizen for 7 years, resident in the state you represent 435 members Server 2 years

1.3. Taxing and spending power(create tax), power to borrow(saving bonds), power to coin money and regulate value of money, commerce power(ability to regulate foreign and interstate commerce)

1.4. Implied/Elastic clause-the power to add more amendments and laws on new things that the founding fathers didn’t think or will know for

1.5. Expressed/enumerated power- powers stated in the constitution

2. The executive branch

2.1. Article ll makes this branch

2.2. Inherit powers(powers claimed by the president), executive privilege(the right to withhold info from congress)

2.3. The president

2.3.1. Must be 35 years old, natural born citizen, live in us for 14 years More unknown need things, money for everything to become a president(to be advertised)

2.3.2. Can veto a law but may get over turned

2.3.3. Be the face of the nation

2.4. The term limit is 2 but can serve up to 10 years

2.5. Branches

2.5.1. There is 19 departments State Treasury Defense Justice Interior Agriculture Commerce Boar Health and human services Housing and urban development Transportation Energy Education Veteran affairs Homeland Security

3. The judicial branch

3.1. Article lll makes this branch

3.2. To be in the Supreme Court, you must be nominated by the president then the senate must approve

3.3. There is 9 justices

3.3.1. The head Justice reads the ruling at the end and what they say and are the top justice

3.3.2. They serve till they retire, or get voted out

3.4. The Supreme Court is the top court and whatever happens in it is law